Virtual professional development and free supportive resources for CTE professionals

CTE Learn was created by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) in alliance with MaxKnowledge and our unified state partners.

CTE Learn offers a
comprehensive professional development solution

CTE Learn can be adopted by individuals, schools, districts or statewide.

Credit Courses

Earn continuing education credit via engaging, self-paced, online courses in a variety of CTE functional areas. Learn More

Free Resources

Set professional development goals, track and document your progress, connect with peers and take free lessons & tutorials. Learn More

Institutional Credentials
Evidence-based Case Studies
1EdTech Consortium
KCTCS, CTE Learn and Badgr
Faculty Institute on Teaching

CTE Learn offers a student-centric career success platform


CareerPrepped empowers students to continuously demonstrate their skills, while automatically matching them to real jobs, apprenticeships, and internships that fit their skills.

A unique, 360° skills-based feedback system engages students, educators, job seekers and employers in the skill demonstration process, enabling skills-based hiring at scale.

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CareerPrepped System Chart

Some of CTE Learn’s statewide adopters

The demand for online professional development has increased CTE Learn statewide adoptions. Learn More

The CTAE Resource Network
Idaho Career & Technical Education
CTE Technical Assistant Center of New York
Kentucky Community and Technical College System

CTE Learn was created by CTE professionals for the CTE community

If you’re interested in joining CTE Learn’s authoring team, please contact us so we can discuss your background and proposed topics.