Your 21st Century Career Success System

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Free access to CareerPrepped for any public institution that is using ACTE Online Learning Network, including Online Learning Centers of ACTE’s unified state association partners.

Support Student Career Development

  • Promote and support student career decision-making & planning
  • Improve student employability knowledge & skills
  • Provide online work-relevant learning activities
  • Improve students’ ability to communicate & evidence their skill claims via open badges and portfolios
  • Encourage lifelong learning and skill development
  • Provide post-graduate support with lifelong access

Your free institutional account will allow you to give unlimited students and alumni lifetime access to CareerPrepped.

Supporting ACTE’s
Quality CTE Program of Study Framework

About CareerPrepped

CareerPrepped is a lifelong career success system that empowers individuals to continuously build in-demand soft skills, prove their soft and hard skills with open badges and portfolio evidence, and showcase their full set of abilities to employers through their own career site.

Core Features

40+ competency-based Skill Builders enable students to build their soft skills through a continuous process of learning, reflection and practice.
Students claim open badges that represent their soft skill claims learning how to articulate and evidence their skill claims through a guided process which encourages the type of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-assessment needed in the real world.
Every student gets unlimited space to upload multimedia files as supporting evidence for any soft or hard skill they claim to have. They can link their files to their Skill Badges or skills they indicate in their career site. Portfolio files could represent project achievements, work samples, credentials, etc.
The Career Site gives students a unified professional web presence. Students can link their Skill Badges and portfolio files to their listed skills allowing visitors to see evidence of their skill claims.
The Career Toolbox includes a Targeted Resume Builder letting students build custom resumes from their Career Site. It also includes a collection of Interview Prep Videos to help students answer common interview questions.
Students can connect with relevant opportunities based on their career cluster and interests. (Coming Soon.)

Your free institutional account will allow you to give unlimited students and alumni lifetime access to CareerPrepped.