CareerPrepped Toolkit for Learners, Job Seekers and Working Adults

Tools To Help You Sell Your Skills

Career Portfolio

Build a treasure chest of evidence that shows your skills and achievements. Use privacy settings to control visibility and get unlimited storage to save multimedia files such as projects, work samples, and awards that prove your abilities more than simple keywords on a resume.

Toolkit - Career Portfolio

Skill Builders

Build or refresh in-demand skills all employers want with 40+ Skill Builders. Boost your knowledge & skills and learn how to clearly explain and sell your skills in job interviews, networking conversations, and performance reviews.

Toolkit - Skill Builders

Skill Badges

Claim Skill Badges to help you prove your employability skills with tangible evidence others can review and endorse. Ensure employers have no doubt you’ve got the skills research shows they want but struggle to find in job candidates.

Toolkit - Skill Badges

Skill Feedback

Get your claimed skills recognized through the power of feedback. CareerPrepped lets you provide evidence to prove each skill you have and then get feedback from community members and industry mentors on how well you’ve proven them. Improve your skill evidence and increase your feedback ratings to showcase your proven skills to employers.

Toolkit - Skill Feedback

Skill Endorsements

Collect meaningful endorsements and testimonials from people who have seen your skills in action, not just artificial endorsements of skills from your connections. Validated endorsements of specific skills with supporting evidence help you stand out and persuade employers to hire you over the competition.

Toolkit - Skill Endorsements

Tools To Help You Secure Opportunities

Career Site

Don’t settle for a traditional resume or just an online profile. Stand out from competition by demonstrating what makes you, you. Showcase yourself through your own personal website backed with multi-media evidence of your skills.

Toolkit - Career Site

Job Match

Let our machine intelligence automatically match you with jobs that fit your skills from 14M+ jobs posted across 80K+ sites. No longer will you have to endlessly search job boards or get lost in networking sites. We bring the jobs to you.

Toolkit - Job Match

Job Tracker

Organize and manage your job applications in one place. Save any jobs that interests you, add your notes and store contact information. Track your progress from application to offer and accept the job offer you want.

Toolkit - Job Tracker

Resume Builder

Create and save unlimited resumes targeted toward specific jobs, companies, or hiring managers so you stand out with a customized resume for any opportunity you want to pursue. Easily convert your Career Site into a resume format with a button click, edit it on-the-fly, save it and use when needed.

Toolkit - Resume Builder

Interview Videos

Learn to effectively respond to common interview questions across all industries and jobs, so that you nail your next interview. Videos allow you to see weak responses and strong responses with specific feedback, so you know what to do and what to avoid.

Toolkit - Interview Videos

Make CareerPrepped available to your learners as a self-help toolkit or embed the tools you like in any of your programs.